Want to Learn My Signature Approach to Teaching Brand New Players to Play Smart Pickleball™ at the Intermediate Level in as Little as 2-3 Sessions?

Whether you’re teaching your family, friends or students this approach will guarantee that you’ll get them started playing Smart Pickleball–right from the start.

(Heck, there's a good chance it will help you improve YOUR game, too!)

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  • 8+ Short, Engaging Explanation Videos
  • A Printable, Easy-Reference Checklist to Bring to the Court
  • A Private Podcast you can play at the courts to guide you and your protegees through the exercises
  • Email Support - Just send me an email if you have any questions, concerns or need clarification!

"I was at the bottom of the ladder for over a year and after one session with Wendy I won 89/90 points in my next 6 ladder games."

Shelby Sharie Cohen (she/her)

LGBTQ+ Historic Photographer

Grass Valley, CA

"People were shocked it was only my second day playing. I'd never played a racket sport before but I beat the beginners and have played at the intermediate level ever since."

Annix Wilson (they/them)


Grass Valley, CA

"I have used the program to help some beginners in our club have a great start to their careers in Pickleball. Thanks for putting it together."

— Terry B.

You've gotten certified as a pickleball coach, but now you're faced with the question... how do you set yourself apart from the dozens and dozens of other certified pickleball coaches out there?

How do you get results for your students that make them excited to refer their friends to YOU and not anyone else?

You've got to figure out how to help them make the quickest wins first!

Many people never make it past the beginner level. And if they do, it takes months and months (if not years)...

And it got me thinking…

“One of the Most Amazing Things About Pickleball is How Much FUN People Can Have Playing--Even When They Are Playing So Badly!!”

— Wendy Garrido

How to Help Your Students Get Better Results FAST

It’s sad to me…maddening, really…to see so many people playing at such a low level of play. Because even though they often have fun overall, they also get frustrated when they lose points or they feel like they can't play with the "better" players.

I’m not talking about people who have physical limitations here or difficulty making contact with the ball most of the time. That's a separate, understandable challenge.

Every day I play I see able-bodied people who hit the ball just fine but don’t know that they could so easily get more points just by applying some of the Smart Pickleball® principles….

The thing is, it's totally UNNECESSARY for so many people to stuck playing at the beginner level the way that they are.

(In fact, I was almost embarassed for the pro at a club I visited recently. If I had a club, everyone would be playing Smart Pickleball--right from the start!)

And that's one of the secrets to setting yourself apart as a pickleball coach: Making sure that your students are playing at a high enough level that you develop a great reputation.

I figured out a way to help brand new players go from ZERO to the intermediate level in as little as 3 sessions!!

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience to help OTHER people help other people.

So that's when I knew I had to create an online course to help other people teach using my methodology.

This Program Will Help You Avoid These Mistakes Many Well-Meaning People Make When Teaching Newbies

Don't Overwhelm Your Students

It's easy to overwhelm people by giving them too MUCH information or giving them the WRONG information at the wrong time.

Don't Expect Too Much--or Too Little!

It's important to keep reasonable expectations about what people can do at a given point in time.

Don't Teach Them Bad Habits

Many people think the'll teach strategy AFTER the rules. But this creates bad habits. It's best to teach Smart habits right from the start!

Don't Let Them Get Bored

While pickleball is naturally fun, people can get bored if they don't have a sense of challenge, progress and success

"After having just one session with Wendy I felt sooo much more confident and was able to play with the better players."

Rose Slam! Johnson (they/them)

Business Coach

Oakland, CA

"I've always been athletic but had no racket sport experience. Wendy taught me to play the game one day and the next time we played my opponents called me 'a ringer' and couldn't believe it was only my second day playing."

John Patrick (he/him)

Store Manager & Youtube Personality

Grass Valley, CA

Get this Exclusive Video Training for just $147!

(A $197 Value)


Save $50!

Just $147!

30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

  • 8 Easy-to-Follow and Engaging Explanation Videos
  • A Printable, Easy-Reference Checklist to Bring to the Court (Coming by January)
  • A Private Podcast feed you can play right at the courts to guide you and your protees through the exercises (Coming by January)
  • Email Support - Just send me an email if you have any questions, concerns or need clarification!

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